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Wang zhunzhu set up a team of apprentices to jointly promote the development of the post press field

[ppzhan Abstract] the post press is a major part of the printing industry. Because of the backward development in the past, it has now become a hot cake in the printing industry. Recently, Master Wang huaizhu, a post press expert, has accepted many apprentices and established a team of apprentices to promote the development of the printing industry

post press equipment refers to a kind of equipment that further processes semi-finished printing products to strengthen or beautify their binding, appearance, flatness, anti-counterfeiting, packaging, etc. Such as paper cutting equipment, folding and matching sewing equipment, glazing and calendering equipment, film covering and gluing equipment, bronzing and coding equipment, punching and binding equipment, etc

in recent years, the manufacturing of post press equipment in China has experienced a process from scratch, from stand-alone to linkage, and has become a blue ocean for the development of the printing industry. At present, China has a large number of post press processing, a large number of people engaged in post press (about 35% of the total number of people in the printing industry), a variety of equipment types and models, and complete standards. In all aspects of post press technology, China has entered or gradually entered the track. But there is still a big gap compared with foreign countries

the development of post press equipment in modern times can be classified as three changes. Secondary change: in the mid-1950s, the change from manual to single machine; The second change: in the early 1980s, the change from semi-automatic single machine to full-automatic line connection; The third change: since the mid-1990s, everything has moved closer to the standard, and the fully automatic single machine and linkage have entered the advanced level to avoid the fluctuation of extrusion pressure caused by the fluctuation of plastic temperature. Since the third reform, the post press can no longer rely on cheap labor. Through the development of automation and intelligent connecting lines, printing enterprises can get out of the bottleneck of post press profit growth. On the contrary, the rising labor cost also forces printing enterprises to start to understand and accept automatic post press equipment. In addition, customers' requirements for production efficiency are becoming more and more stringent, so it is imperative to improve the intelligent level of post press production

the focus of post press intelligence is to use high-tech and practical technology to transform and improve the automation, intelligence and networking level of paperback linkage line, hardcover linkage line, die cutting linkage line and paper cutting linkage line, so as to ensure the stability and reliability of quality, improve labor productivity, reduce workers' labor intensity and improve the working environment. Market research shows that the printing industry has an urgent demand for automatic printing equipment, especially post press automation equipment. However, how to help their own enterprises counter attack printing profits through a suitable intelligent device is a multiple-choice problem in front of printing enterprises

recently, the post press binding professional apprenticeship meeting of China Association of printing technology was held in China. The ceremony was solemn, cordial, warm and pragmatic. Wuwenxiang, honorary chairman of China Association of printing technology, and zhangshuangru, executive vice chairman of China Association of printing technology. Zhanglingui, director of the enterprise management committee, delivered a speech, introducing the experience, performance and integrity of Master Wang huaizhu, a post press expert. The apprentice team, including Wang Kai, a former foreign language teacher from Tieda Kun, Liang Lihui from BEIXIANG Shengtong, Zhang Xiaodong from China Jiye, Fu Wenqiang from Dongguan shengtu, Guan Feng from Beijing Xinhua, and Liu Wen from jingmida, sincerely and respectfully offered tea to master Wang zhunzhu and paid homage to his master. Master Wang earnestly instructed his apprentice: be honest, work hard, dig, inherit, create and inherit, and make our due contribution to the dream of printing power

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