Johndier s670 combine harvester delivered to Heilo

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At 9 a.m. on August 27, the delivery ceremony of johndier s670 combine harvester was held in the 859 farm under Jiansanjiang branch of Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of land reclamation. Xuxianglong, director of the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation and construction Sanjiang Management Bureau, lihaisen, deputy head of the 859 farm, local users, and representatives of John Deere company and its authorized dealers attended the delivery ceremony

lishijiang, chairman of johndier s670 combine harvester jiaoduofudo, introduced to you at the forum site without reservation that the johndier s670 combine harvester delivered this time has always been the first choice for global agricultural producers with reliable quality and efficient harvesting operations. With superior performance and comfortable operation, the machine can cope with a variety of crops and harvest conditions, providing users with unprecedented performance and productivity. The johndier s670 combine harvester purchased by Heilongjiang reclamation area this time has gathered the most advanced harvesting machinery technology in the world, and will certainly become a powerful guarantee for the bumper harvest of grain in the reclamation area

Heilongjiang reclamation area has been at the forefront of the development of Agricultural Mechanization in China, and has developed into an important national commodity grain base with the largest scale of cultivated land, the highest degree of modernization and the strongest comprehensive production capacity. Jiansanjiang Management Bureau, known as China's green rice capital, took the lead in promoting the rapid development of agricultural mechanization and promoting grain production and farmers' income. As a bright pearl along the Wusuli River, the 859 farm has witnessed the application and promotion of many of the world's most advanced agricultural machinery here. "We hope our users can use the johndier s670 harvester to create greater benefits during the autumn harvest this year and make greater contributions to the development of the farm." Li Haisen, deputy director of the 859 farm, said

deliver the golden key symbolizing the opening of efficient harvest to users

fanzhaoqi, general manager of John Deere China marketing department, said at the handover ceremony: "John Deere is proud to be able to further develop in China based on the Heilongjiang reclamation area. We have established six factories in China, and the product line covers the whole process of agronomy. Today's delivery ceremony is a new starting point, marking a new improvement in the level of Agricultural Mechanization in the reclamation area. We believe that with your hard work and the escort of agricultural mechanization, we are vigorously developing flame retardants for electrical utilization occasions Technology, a bright pearl, will be even more brilliant! "

fanzhaoqi, general manager of John Deere's China marketing department, delivered a speech at the handover ceremony.

liunianmin, deputy general manager of Harbin Power Science and Trade Co., Ltd., an authorized dealer of John Deere, said: "we will certainly provide good after-sales service to ensure that the farm and users have a good harvest of grain."

after the handover ceremony, John Deere authorized the dealer Harbin Power Science and Trade Co., Ltd. to carry out systematic training for the users of the farm. The indoor training content includes the correct use, maintenance and precautions of the product, and answers the questions raised by users. The content of outdoor training is to let the user actually get on the train for practice, and integrate the content of indoor training through the real car, so that the user will no longer have difficulties in the future use. Luan Yaxin, a farm user, said: "johndier's products are of good quality and high reliability. We trust the products of this brand, which is the reason why we finally chose johndier s670 harvester."

John Deere has been committed to the development of Agricultural Mechanization in China. As early as the 1970s, John Deere provided agricultural machinery and equipment for friendship farm in Heilongjiang reclamation area, and created a production miracle of "20 people produce 100000 kg of grain per person". Since then, John Deere has continuously introduced advanced science and technology to China and increased grain production with efficient agricultural equipment. More and more John Deere equipment is equipped with John Deere engines, which will also provide more protection for Chinese users. John Deere will play an active role in improving agricultural productivity and ensuring food security


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