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Two John Deere construction machinery products are delivered to Xinjiang for use

two John Deere construction machinery products are delivered to Xinjiang for use

machinery information that Chinese engineering can reduce the friction coefficient

not long ago, the John Deere dealer of Xinjiang agricultural machinery located in Urumqi, Xinjiang Province officially delivered an E240 excavator and a wl56 loader produced by Tianjin John Deere construction machinery factory to KANGLONG technology company

this delivery is the first order of agricultural machinery agency sales in China. Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. recently became the agent of John Deere construction machinery, responsible for the sales of John Deere construction machinery products in Xinjiang. In the first construction machinery dealer exhibition held by Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., more than 100 construction machinery customers participated in the exhibition with strong response

wujingfan, general manager of KANGLONG technology, said, "WL, whose unit is kj/m2 or j/cm256 loader and E240 excavator, is very suitable for use in Xinjiang. We use these products to level the land and prepare for the installation of irrigation system in sandy soil. These machines will bring us more productivity."

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