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Weiyanjun: the regression design of wine packaging is the core competitiveness

36 year old Wei Yanjun is the general manager of Shenzhen Zhongzhen Packaging Design Co., Ltd. and Zhongzhen creative agency (China) Co., Ltd. he has been in the wine packaging industry for nearly ten years. During this period, Wei Yanjun's career plan is relatively stable, and the overall summary is three threes. Three years of working for others, three years of cooperation with partners to start a company, three years of independent operation of the company

Chinese Baijiu industry has experienced a golden decade of blowout development, and has also achieved the rapid growth of the supporting industry liquor packaging industry. At present, the threshold of the alcohol packaging industry is low, and the overall quality of practitioners is uneven, which leads to the disorder of the domestic packaging industry, the non-standard operation, vicious competition, price war and other serious phenomena

according to Wei Yanjun, the liquor packaging industry will face a complete reshuffle in the past two years. In fact, the process of industry reshuffle is a process of standardization and return to rationality

reducing the cost of packaging materials and paying attention to the value of design is a principle that the future alcohol packaging industry should adhere to. Weiyanjun believes that in this context, packaging enterprises should attach great importance to shaping their own core competitiveness

according to weiyanjun's analysis, the current situation of the packaging design industry requires that practitioners should be highly self disciplined, dare to adhere to themselves, respect the development law of the industry, formulate rational development strategies, and adhere to the sustainable development path of the industry. This is the foundation for the survival, development and expansion of packaging design enterprises, and it is also the requirement and embodiment for the benign development of packaging design industry

simple but not simple

wei Yanjun, who joined the army in 1994, is an entrepreneur from the countryside. For him, doing business is like being a man. He can't be too hasty, too reluctant, or give up easily. To a certain extent, it may be natural. He said that this may be the greatest wealth left to him by his four-year military life

at that time, Wei Yanjun, who retired from the army and returned to his hometown in Hubei Province, did not have much planning for his life. He only knew that he was going out from the countryside, and now he has returned to the countryside from the big city, but he still had a longing for the big city in his heart

after some ideological struggle, weiyanjun decided to go to Shenzhen to explore the world

2004, the good quality and quick action ability developed in the army helped weiyanjun quickly enter the wine packaging industry

weiyanjun introduced to: at the time when he was just transferred to work, it was difficult to change many of the habits of automatically identifying broken shapes developed in the army, such as mobility. Therefore, after the boss made the plan, I quickly implemented it, gradually gained the trust and attention of the leaders, and began to operate the company's liquor packaging business alone. However, after three years in this company, I chose to leave and start my own business

weiyanjun didn't have many ups and downs when he entered the packaging industry. At that time, he wanted to find a job with enough food. However, it took him nine years to do so. Now, he has owned his own company and become a trader

nowadays, wine packaging is not as easy as before. But it's not impossible to do it. It depends on how you do it. Weiyanjun said that since 2012, the Baijiu packaging industry has faced a process of returning to rationality, which intuitively means that the packaging should not be excessive. In previous years, the packaging design of Baijiu and moon cakes was as complex as possible, and some of them did not count the cost. In fact, this is a waste of resources. In the future, liquor packaging will reduce the cost of materials, refine the quality and process, which is a relatively healthy development path

for example, from the perspective of outermost packaging materials, card boxes may be widely used in the future. It costs 2 ~ 3 yuan, and can be flattened and transported to save freight. The card box is made of paper and can be recycled into pulp. It has a very high cost performance ratio. The cost of handmade boxes is more than ten yuan. They can't be flattened and transported. The freight is very high, and there are discarded wood boards and sawdust inside. They can't be recycled again. Weiyanjun said

the freight of a manual box (transported by volume) is about to reach the cost of a card box (transported by weight). After the surface of the outer packaging is designed from Shenzhen, it will be transported to weiyanjun's factories in Inner Mongolia and Jilin for surface and bottom bonding processing. Now the card box can be operated mechanically, while the manual box still needs manual bonding, so the cost will increase again

card boxes are paper, while manual boxes are plates. The thickness is different, but to be honest, the final effect is the same. Many card boxes will look good if they are handmade more carefully. Many foreign products use card boxes as the outermost packaging material. Card boxes may be a development trend of wine packaging in the future

now the whole industry is returning to rationality, the supporting enterprises are also returning to rationality, and the enterprises are also controlling costs. Baijiu has made a large-scale waist movement to return to folk liquor. At the same time of ensuring the quality of liquor, the liquor packaging design company can make some efforts on the packaging cost and develop some better, more environmentally friendly, alternative, low-cost and effective materials

the reason why each packaging design can achieve good results is also related to the development plan of weiyanjun company

Wei Yanjun stressed that in terms of business development, the company consciously slows down and pursues service quality, rather than simply pursuing the number of customers. At present, there is a serious foam in the industry. The key to improving the packaging design service capacity is to ensure the quality and quantity. If you can do 30million things, you can only do 30million things. You must do well and respect the development law of the industry

when asked why he did not directly target first-line customers, weiyanjun's answer also conveyed a rational and pragmatic concept. His analysis pointed out that at present, Zhongzhen packaging is in a high-speed growth stage, but it does not have the ability to provide perfect services for first-line brands, and has not yet formed a brand power that matches the first-line Baijiu brands. Therefore, currently, it mainly chooses to provide services for second and third line brands. However, with the continuous improvement of the company's brand power and service ability, the company will certainly complete qualitative changes in the quality and scale of cooperative customers and enter the ranks of first-line packaging design companies

return to the core competitiveness of design

Shenzhen is known as the city of design, with concentrated design talents and developed creative culture industry and financial industry. It is a pillar industry focused by the government, while the manufacturing industry is a controlled development industry. Therefore, the location and policy advantages of Shenzhen in packaging production continue to be lost, and the localization of packaging production has become an inevitable trend

weiyanjun grasped this trend. Three years ago, Zhongzhen packaging established its own production base in Tuo County, Hohhot, which combined talent advantage with cost advantage to improve its competitiveness

there is a phenomenon in the wine bag circle in Shenzhen. It is designed for free, but it must be produced in the designated factory. Our old customers and strategic customers basically don't charge design fees in the early stage. The boxes must be produced in my factory, but new customers also charge according to the design standards

in fact, in order to better cooperate with manufacturers, many design companies in Shenzhen ultimately consider production. Before, many powerful design companies in Shenzhen relied on collecting design fees to survive. However, since last year, the overall environment has been bad, and many companies' outsourcing orders have declined seriously. In order to survive, these large companies have also begun to take some small orders to earn production profits

on the one hand, the design is free to earn production profits; On the one hand, many customers are not willing to pay design fees, and some people can't even afford these fees. This forces the liquor packaging industry to do the market flexibly

for a company, the cost of hiring an excellent designer or a famous designer is very high. Now many design companies in Shenzhen are unwilling to spend such a high price to support designers, which leads to the phenomenon of failing to retain design talents

when the Baijiu industry developed well, designers' salaries would be very high. But now, after the Baijiu industry began to adjust from top to bottom, the expenses were compressed. Accordingly, the expenses of the company and designers were also compressed. As a result, designers' salaries were not as high as before. Therefore, many designers either changed careers or worked alone

now many bosses are designers, and there are no employees. They take over the work themselves. This situation has led to a decline in the reputation of the design industry in Shenzhen. In fact, the industry is slowly shuffling, and many companies will be eliminated in the process

packaging design returns again. Design is the core advantage. In the future, the design company can reduce some costs in the material selection of outer packaging under the condition of cost compression, and spend the saved money on design, which is more reasonable. If we blindly ignore the value of design, it is not conducive to the development of the alcohol packaging industry

in weiyanjun's opinion, the simplification of design is not the last thing. Some people think that simplification is like putting a sign on it. In fact, we will seriously consider the needs, characteristics and cultural habits of customers, and use some classic elements to set off the culture and characteristics of its products, so as to achieve the maximum environmental protection quality. The core culture of the brand should be grasped first. There may be a lot of corporate culture. It can't be said that I put all these cultures on the box, which will test our designers' understanding and creative thinking. Maybe as long as we grasp one point, we can show the brand culture of the enterprise incisively and vividly. That is to say, as long as the brand and culture of the product can be reflected, the material is not important. The expression form and pressure in hand injection molding, including injection pressure, holding pressure and mold cavity pressure, are the most important. The core of competition is design

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