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Liu Qi, COO of Weiyun: community is the development direction of mobile games

according to the data released by Analysys, by the first quarter of 2012, the number of mobile Internet users in China had reached 450million. According to this trend, by the end of 2012, the number of domestic mobile Internet users will likely exceed 600million and exceed the number of traditional Internet users

Liu Qi, COO of Weiyun, said that games are one of the most popular applications of mobile Internet at present. Mainstream game communities such as Weiyun, 91 and papaya have covered a large number of mobile users. This has also led the whole mobile game field to develop in the direction of community

community based operation enhances game viscosity

when it comes to community, people's first impression will be SNS platforms such as Facebook, Renren and Kaixin, which have accumulated more users in the traditional Internet field. However, in the field of mobile Internet, especially in the field of mobile games, the forms and functions of communities are completely different. "It is not only different from the communities in the traditional Internet, but also the most popular game communities in the mobile Internet." Liu Qi said

in addition to the micro cloud, the communities with high attention in the market include 91, Monroe Valley, papaya, etc. There are many 91 community games with clear and convenient payment channels; The game quality of Mengbao Valley is high, and it provides rich community functions; Papaya faces the international market, has a huge user base, and provides a wealth of social functions

the micro cloud platform currently has nearly 70million users, covering the widest range of domestic users. It supports both IOS and Android platforms and provides convenient payment channels. The micro cloud community does not exist independently, but relies on various games. In games with embedded wechat community module, social leaderboard, achievements, challenges and other functions will be integrated

unlike most static leaderboards, the leaderboard of the micro cloud community is a leaderboard that can define and see the world, within a radius of 30 kilometers and friends. More detailed ones can be arranged by day, week and month. In addition, users also provide a series of social actions through the wechat community. Users can directly click on a user to see which friends the user has, which games he has played, and how the results of each game are. Users can also chat, challenge and become friends with people they follow through this portal

compared with the well-known Openfeint, the micro cloud community is obviously more powerful in terms of functions. "The design of micro cloud has greatly enhanced users' interest in a single game, which is conducive to extending the life cycle of the game and helping operations." Liu Qi said

communities effectively connect developers and users

different from traditional PC games, mobile game developers are closer to players, and game communities act as bridges. It is not only an effective channel for game promotion, but also a high-quality soil for developers and game growth and progress

in terms of developer interface, Weiyun is ahead of other communities. Therefore, Sumitomo electrician started to develop vanadium batteries again after the vanadium price fell in 2011. Liu Qi told that wechat can provide the above community function modules for game developers, which is equivalent to adding social functions to stand-alone games. The developer's games will then be oriented to nearly 70million users of the wechat platform

"the functional modules of the community can be unified or modified according to the needs of developers. The services, user systems and resources within the community are provided by wechat." Liu Qi said that "the communities behind each game of Weiyun are interconnected. At the same time, they are also divided into independent areas and public areas. Independent areas communicate with each other about the playing methods of a game, and public areas are where users of different games communicate with each other about various things."

on the other hand, users in the wechat community can continuously share high-quality games. For developers, the user base of the cooperation platform is very important, which also determines the audience area after the game goes online. Nearly 70million community users of micro cloud have become the first choice for game developers with effective operation strategies. At present, nearly 20000 developers have gathered on the micro cloud platform. They constantly output products to the game community, and these products are also tested and fed back by players in the community

rich functions become the key to winning

industry experts believe that there are not a few powerful mobile game communities in the market, and function design will become the key to winning in the competition. "If users don't have many active behaviors in the community, it proves that users don't rely on the community to properly clean the cylinder, and the role of the community will be small."

Liu Qi, COO of Weiyun, said that community is the development direction of mobile games. In addition to game functions, social attributes are also very important. meanwhile "The micro cloud community provides users with a communication platform. Users can chat with other players in the community during the interval of playing games. Therefore, you will find that there are many interactions between people in the micro cloud community, which not only enhances the user viscosity of the community, but also is conducive to game operation. Compared with other application store lists and other methods, this approach is obviously easier to enhance the activity of users.

Liu Qi said that the micro cloud program It is still enriching the functions in the community, including improving the user experience, strengthening the reminder system, and improving the payment system. Liu Qi also introduced that the wechat game community integrates the open interfaces of sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, Douban and Renren. Players can share their game status with friends through SNS, and can also import SNS user social relations into the wechat game community. It can be predicted that player communities like micro cloud will not only be limited to games in the future, but also become a huge social platform for mobile users. China


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