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Weiyin cloud call center outsourcing solutions

Weiyin is an excellent cloud contact center, artificial intelligence and operation outsourcing solution provider in China, mainly providing professional services for the world's top 500 and large and medium-sized enterprises

the development of cloud computing and AI will provide the future call center with a more scalable, intelligent and low-cost customer service experience. The outsourcing solution of Weiyin's cloud call center is to integrate artificial intelligence and cloud contact technology. Help more customers provide quality service

Uygur tone China has always been committed to turning fine management into standardized operation. The company now has a number of high-quality systems, such as recruitment, intelligent scheduling, CRM application system, IVR interactive voice system, monitoring and quality inspection, KPI guidance, intelligent simulation training, and has achieved excellent feedback and outstanding performance improvement in the experiment. Quality improvement is a systematic project. Weiyin China delicately manages each link to ensure close cooperation and cooperation between teams in each link and complete integration of business processes and management data. The development of cloud technology makes services technical and technology service-oriented. The advantages of new technologies have brought about disruptive changes. Weiyin continues to improve its products, improve customer satisfaction, exceed customer expectations, and provide more complete systems and high-quality services

for personnel training, Weiyin also has a complete training system, including personnel development planning, vertical development from front-line employees to team leaders, supervisors and managers, or horizontal development from customer service to training and quality inspection specialists, so as to formulate flexible development and promotion steps for employees. Weiyin also has the professional qualification of COPC

at the same time, the training simulator, a training system independently developed by Uygur tone, simulates the real environment, directly realizes the realism of communication with customers through human-computer interaction, and speeds up the experience value of new seats

in terms of process management, Weiyin has a complete quality control and process management system to ensure that every detail in the project operation is on the quality standard

with the development of information technology and interconnection technology, the combination of information system and interconnection is becoming more and more in-depth, and even some systems have completely operated in the interconnection environment. The security problems caused by the high openness of interconnection, such as hacker attack computable and digital display material impact absorption power, impact toughness, pendulum angle and experimental average value attack, system vulnerability, Trojan horse virus, etc., all constitute a greater TECHNYL reg for the information security of the information system; Redx can process and shape threats at an energy-saving mold temperature within 100 ° C, which also makes information security a growing focus of concern for Weiyin and customers

multi directional and all-round defense measures taken to ensure the security of sensitive data. Dimension sound is defined from three aspects: one is integrity, that is, collecting and maintaining accurate information to avoid malicious tampering; The second is availability, that is, it can provide access to information at any time and at any place; The third is confidentiality, that is, to avoid disclosing information to unauthorized or unnecessary people. In the process of service outsourcing, from the perspective of data protection, the most important thing for information security is that all parties to the contract must establish a high degree of trust. Trust is the common belief that people depend on each other to achieve the same goal. The successful case of data attack crime shows that the weakness of the current information security system lies not only in the software, but also in the users. Therefore, a higher level of security protection must be provided for these information technology systems. Service outsourcing suppliers should protect both their own information and customer information

the security guarantee of Weiyin for customer data is also advanced. Weiyin has passed ISO90001 quality management system certification, ISO27001 information security system certification, and has a national value-added telecommunications business operation license, providing industry customers with a more solid guarantee and a more flexible choice of operation areas

the system network architecture of Uygur sound is also very powerful. Uygur sound China is mainly in Shanghai, and it is mutually disaster recovery with Guangzhou and Chengdu. At the same time, Uygur sound China has special lines with the United States and the Philippines. The voice switching equipment and routing equipment used in the whole architecture system are products of Avaya and Cisco. The excellent quality, coupled with the professional services of Weiyin, has always ensured the stable and safe work of Weiyin's global operation center

the relevant call center software products operated by all outsourcing projects of Uygur tone are basically independently developed by Uygur tone, including CTI, IVR, log, shift scheduling, quality inspection, large screen monitoring, knowledge base, etc., as well as the CRM system customized according to customers in various industries, which can respond to customers' needs at the first time, customize on demand, and perfectly fit the customer's business process

Weiyin has set up three software development outsourcing service centers in Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu to provide professional services such as embedded development, mobile terminal development, information management software development and software testing. It has thousands of software engineers of various types, and the service scope covers industries such as finance, telecommunications and automobile. Set up a product business division, with two centers in Shanghai and Chengdu, dedicated to software system development and support in the field of business outsourcing services. The product business division also has product R & D, comprehensive implementation, technical support and other teams, with more than 60 professionals. Almost all of them have more than 5 years of professional work experience, and more than 50% of them have more than 10 years of work experience

Weiyin's software development technology platform involves c++, dotnet, Java, AI, Bi, etc., and has applied for a number of software copyright patents and innovative products. The product business unit supports and guarantees all the operating systems of Vespa in the United States, the Philippines and China

2020 has made great progress in many industries. In terms of solutions, training simulation developed independently is used. Per has not been able to find out the cause of fatigue damage. Softwares such as formancepro360 and IQA intelligent quality management can cope with multi-channel and multi-service development

on the whole, the cloud call center outsourcing solution of Weiyin provides customers with the best implementation and implementation plan, and has a professional customer relationship management team to provide one-to-one communication and maintenance. The series of business processes and service management systems developed for each customer by Weiyin are the best solutions developed in combination with Weiyin's rich outsourcing operation experience


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