John Deere officially completed the acquisition of

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John Deere officially completed the acquisition of wittgen

it was learned from the official of John Deere that on December 1 local time in the United States, John Deere officially announced the completion of the acquisition of wittgen group

Sam Allen, chairman and CEO of John Deere, said: "wittgen group will strengthen the scale and position of our construction equipment business, and will help John Deere continue to improve its overall product performance and process performance." He also said that the acquisition was in line with John Deere's long-term strategy

on June 1 of this year, John Deere signed the final acquisition agreement for wittgen group, with a total transaction amount of about 4.6 billion euros (about 5.2 billion US dollars)

as of december31,2016, the sales volume of wittgen group was 26 samples, and the return to the starting position was * times billion euros. John Deere expects the deal to increase earnings per share

it is reported that after the acquisition, the two sides will continue to pay attention to the needs of customers and business innovation. At the same time, John Deere has added five high-end brands in the field of construction machinery and equipment, and there is no product overlap between them. For the next step, John Deere still plans to continue to maintain and maintain the existing brand, management, manufacturing plant, employees and distribution network of wittgen group. The merged business is expected to benefit from sharing the best cases in the distribution field, customer support, manufacturing and technology, as well as the scale and efficiency of business operations


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