The export of epoxy resin increased significantly

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The export of epoxy resin increased significantly in April

the export of epoxy resin increased significantly in April

June 23, 2005

according to the data provided by the customs, China imported more than 78000 tons of epoxy resin from January to April 2005, of which nearly 26000 tons were imported in April, greatly exceeding the average level of the previous four months

last year, the development rate of China's epoxy resin industry dropped from about 30% in previous years to about 15%, which is mainly affected by the national macro control. This influence continued until the Spring Festival this year. According to the market analysts of China epoxy resin industry association, the import volume of epoxy resin in China was about 14000 tons in January and February, and began to rise to more than 20000 tons in March. In the same period, the domestic output maintained an increase of more than 20%. This trend shows that although the epoxy resin application industry flattens the sample clamping thickness: 0 ~ 30mm; However, with the new stage of economic development, the relative consumption of epoxy resin, a synthetic resin with the best comprehensive performance, the strongest environmental protection function and a wide range of applications, is continuously increasing. The China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that in January 2013, the consumption of epoxy resin was in a new growth period since the mid-term industrialization abroad, which also shows that China is entering the mid-term industrialization

it is estimated that in 2005, the total consumption of epoxy resin in China will reach 650000 tons, the total output will reach 350000 tons, and the consumption of bisphenol A26 and epichlorohydrin will be about 210000 tons respectively. This demand is far from being met in China. So this year epoxy resin and its original. The import of bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin will increase synchronously. Based on the principle that the manufacturer's production technology is leading, Yuji Nanxin period assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. plans to import 300000 tons of epoxy resin, 200000 tons of bisphenol A and 150000 tons of epichlorohydrin in in 2005

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