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the screw feeder is usually composed of a driving device, a head section, a middle section, a tail section, a head and tail bearing, a feeding and discharging device, etc. the cycloidal needle wheel reduction motor is used to ensure long-term stable operation. If conditions permit, it is best to place the driving device of the screw feeder at the discharge end during installation. Because the driving device and the discharge outlet are reasonably installed at the head section, the screw can be in a tension installation state. The screw feeder shall be installed from the head in sequence. During the general layout of the screw feeder, attention shall also be paid to that the base and discharge port shall not be arranged at the flange of the casing joint, and the feed port shall not be arranged above the lifting bearing. Service 0317 to equipment site:

screw feeder "We have found other opportunities for the rear plate spring. According to the requirements of the service environment, it can be divided into two series: single tube screw feeder and U-type LS screw feeder. The single tube screw conveyor adopts closed conveying of materials, which has good sealing performance, can avoid the pollution of dust to the environment, improve the working conditions, and has the characteristics of stable feeding and air lock. These 10 fields basically summarize the key materials for the transformation and development of China's manufacturing industry The single pipe screw conveyor can also be designed as horizontal conveying, inclined conveying and vertical conveying according to the use requirements, which can reduce the manufacturing cost of the equipment. The U-type LS screw feeder is a new generation of screw conveyor improved on the basis of GX screw conveyor. It increases the passing area of materials, makes the passage of materials more smooth, and improves the conveying capacity. It has the characteristics of simple operation, simple maintenance, novel structure, stable transmission, wide range of use, no blocking, low energy-saving noise, long service life, etc

the screw feeder is widely used for continuous screw feeding in the chemical, metallurgical, building materials, electric power and non-ferrous metal industries. It is mainly used for spiral conveying of powdery and small granular dry materials. It is not suitable to transport pounds of perishable, viscous and caking materials. These materials will be bonded to the screw during transportation and will rotate without moving forward, or they can be corrected at the hanging bearing to form a material plug, So that the screw machine can not work normally


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