Screw product name in both Chinese and English

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Screw product name in Chinese and English

Hex Cap nuts

hex serrated nuts

hex flange nuts

hex coupling nuts (high nuts)

round nuts

four corner nuts square nuts

pipe nuts

wheel housing nuts wheel nuts

butterfly nuts wing nuts

u nuts

t nuts

eye nuts

toothed nuts kep nuts

knurled nuts Clin ch nuts

weather resistant steel hex heavy nuts capture device: electromagnet automatic capture

welding nuts Weld nuts

high tension nuts

construction nuts

stainless steel nuts

copper nuts

aluminum nuts

alloy steel nuts

heavy duty wheel hub nuts

iron welding bag cap acorn cap nuts

metal preset torque type nut S

gecko nut anchor numbers

large size nut big size nuts

iron cap bag cap closed end acorn numbers

disc shaped Huawei nut continuous washer numbers

iron cap + nylon ring combined cap DIN 986 domed cap numbers

flange nylon insert lock numbers

flat Huawei nut flat washer numbers

hex slotted nut

self locking nuts

stop Sliding nuts

sln- automatic locking nuts SLN self-locking nuts

other special nuts

spring nuts

stainless steel flange nuts

stainless steel hex flange nylon insert lock nuts

stainless steel hex heavy nuts>

stainless steel hex nuts

stainless steel nylon insert lock nuts? Zinc die casting nuts

common hex nuts

heavy hex nuts

thin HEX JAM nuts

nylon embedded locking nut nylon in hardness test is non-destructive SERT lock nuts

hex machine screen nut for machine screw


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