Design of spraying workshop

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Design of the spraying workshop

1 geographical environment and production mode of the enterprise

1.1 environmental overview

the enterprise is located in Southern Fujian, Fujian, with relatively suitable weather. The annual average temperature is above 10 ℃, and the annual high humidity weather is about 120 days (above 75%rh)

1.2 production mode

according to the requirements of modern shipbuilding concept, the production organization mode of integration of shell, outfitting and coating and socialized large-scale cooperation will be carried out, self-made or outsourcing will be carried out by sections according to categories, and the development direction will be focused on the General Assembly meeting the technical requirements of all technological processes

2 overall design principle of painting room

according to the geographical environment, climatic conditions, actual working conditions and investment scale of the enterprise, the painting room designed and manufactured shall be progressiveness, practical and safe, and meet the following characteristics:

(1) relevant painting work can be carried out normally under any climatic conditions

(2) the coating process equipment shall be able to operate at full load for a long time without fault

(3) the process equipment system shall be able to be organically combined and operated freely like the production line

(4) the central control system with simple, safe and reliable operation shall be adopted

(5) sand blasting cylinder adopts centralized control. There is an indicator light on the air control box to display the working condition of the sand blasting machine. The sand pipe, remote control and sanding lamp lighting line are connected to the reserved quick interface on the wall for easy disassembly

(6) the whole system is equipped with a dust and waste area centralized treatment system - the area automatically discharges dust and loads about 3.6 million tons of PP film materials in China, which centrally handles the dust and waste discharged every day

(7) the vacuum sand suction machine adopts a split vacuum sand suction machine, that is, the vacuum source is separated from the dust removal device. Requirements:

① take sound insulation and noise reduction measures for the vacuum pump

② adopt regional centralized dust discharge

(8) valves and other connectors, circuits and other equipment shall be products with the characteristics of light weight, less power consumption, simple and reliable current limiting and protection methods, and good sealing. Each monitoring point shall be reasonably arranged and flexibly operated to protect and control the equipment. The function of preventing misoperation is introduced into the program design, so that the operator will not cause any equipment failure even if the operation is wrong, so as to ensure the reliability of the used parts

(9) barrier free design is adopted, which can maximize the use of limited space and facilitate the operation of abrasive recycling in the United States. All process pipelines adopt quick release module interfaces to reduce auxiliary operation time


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