Screw characteristics of ball screw

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Screw characteristics of ball screw

according to the scope of use and requirements, the ball screw pair is divided into positioning ball screw pair (P), transmission ball screw pair (T), and the accuracy is divided into seven levels, i.e. level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10. The accuracy of level 1 is the highest and gradually decreases

the ball screw pair is a high-precision mechanical transmission component composed of screws, nuts, balls, sealing rings and other parts in the export field of agricultural products. Since the ball is rolling between the screw and nut of the ball screw pair, it can obtain higher motion efficiency. Compared with the sliding screw, the driving torque is less than 1/3 Therefore, not only the rotary motion can be changed into linear motion, but also the linear motion can be easily changed into rotary motion It is a further extension of the traditional sliding screw. The profound significance of this development is the same as the change brought by rolling bearings to sliding bearings

ball screw pairs are widely used in various industrial equipment, precision instruments and precision CNC machine tools due to their excellent friction characteristics. Especially in recent years, the ball screw pair, as the linear drive executive unit of CNC machine tools, has been widely used in the machine tool industry, which has greatly promoted the CNC development of the machine tool industry. These depend on its excellent characteristics in the following aspects:

1. high transmission efficiency, 2 High positioning accuracy, 3 Transmission reversibility, 4 Long service life, 5 Good synchronization performance

on the one hand, due to the smooth operation of the ball screw pair, the elimination of axial clearance and the consistency of manufacturing, when multiple sets of ball screw pairs are used to drive the same device or multiple identical parts, good synchronization can be obtained, which can feed at both micro and high speeds Due to the precision of the ball, the ball screw pair makes rolling motion, and the starting torque is very small. It will not produce crawling and creeping phenomena that are easy to occur in sliding motion, so it can ensure the realization of accurate micro feeding

on the other hand, because the ball screw pair has high efficiency, low friction and low heating, it can feed at high speed No clearance, high rigidity It adopts Gothic groove shape (as shown in the figure below), and the axial clearance is adjusted to a minimum, and it can not be rotated easily Because the ball screw pair can be preloaded, the axial clearance can reach zero or even below zero after preloading, so as to obtain higher rigidity

suggestions for model and length of ball screw: (as follows)



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