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Quick report on spot spot and order spot market of China rubber market today's trading situation of China rubber market is as follows:

the spot spot spot market is red today, with a total of 2445 tons of transactions in the whole day. Among them, 1294 tons of concentrated latex were sold, with an average price of 15856 yuan/ton, up 0.99%; 1. 30 tons of cigarette glue were sold, with an average price of 22807 yuan/ton, up 2.78%; 13 tons of substandard standard glue were sold, with an average price of 18600 yuan/ton, up 21.57%; 5 860 tons of standard glue were sold, with an average price of 23370 yuan/ton, up 4.56%; The transaction volume of 10 standard glue was 204 tons, with an average price of 21329 yuan/ton, up 3.43%; 23 tons of 20 standard glue were sold, with an average price of 20130 yuan/ton, up 7.65%; The turnover of clear rubber was 21 tons, with an average price of 18700 yuan/ton, up 1 The latter is 33% more accurate than the former

the spot market of orders continued to rise today, with an increase of 435- this kind of oil cylinder of electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine has the following three characteristics: ranging from 600 yuan/ton. The daily order volume is 4770 batches, and the transaction volume is 260 batches. Among them, the 0605 contract received 22500 yuan/ton, up 435 yuan/ton, 20 batches were traded throughout the day, and the order quantity was 284 batches

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